Cultural Life: Tamsin Greig, actress

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Recently I saw the musical, 'La Cage Aux Folles' at the Playhouse Theatre and was completely and utterly blown away.


I went last week to see the adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's book 'The Road'. I was crying within seconds. It's a really shocking tale but at the heart of it there is an eternal hope contained in the father-son relationship that will continue to survive regardless. It was absolutely brilliant.


I don't watch much TV, although I did recently record the latest series of 'Criminal Justice'. I really enjoyed the first series with Ben Whishaw.


At the moment, I'm reading 'Which Lie did I tell?' by William Goldman, about being a Hollywood screenwriter. It's a very funny take on Hollywood but also incredibly real.


The last gig I went to was Ray LaMontagne at the Royal Albert Hall. I also saw a funky American country singer called Jim White, from the deep south. In my dressing room when I'm getting ready I put on the Funky Meters.

Tamsin Greig is currently appearing in 'The Little Dog Laughed' at the Garrick Theatre, London, until the 10 April