Desmond Barrit: 'Im making a Habit of being Richard Griffiths

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It is slightly frightening seeing a show when you know you are going to take over a role. Actors are like magpies – they pick everything up that they think is clever. Of course, you want to reinvent a role and not repeat what the previous actor did. The fact I have taken over from Richard Griffiths twice – both in The Habit of Art and The History Boys – mystifies me because we are very different.

The Habit of Art is a play within a play. We are playing a character called Fitz, who is an actor and who is playing W H Auden in a play about Auden and Benjamin Britten. So Richard played Fitz, I imagine, as Richard sees him, and he played Auden how Richard would interpret Auden, whereas I play Fitz as Des, and play Des's version of Auden.

A very good director, if he really loved what the original actor did, will have you reproduce almost exactly what he did – but incredibly subtly. One of the good things about taking over a role is that some of the more mundane elements of rehearsals are taken out of the equation. In an original production there is a lot of working out where to stand. There was a lot of that in The History Boys with all the boys and chairs and tables. If you take over a role, all that to-ing and fro-ing is already resolved, so you just stand where you're told.

The most difficult thing about taking over in a show that's a huge success like The Habit of Art is always to make sure you live up to the original.

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