Observations: Politically motivated theatre bounces back at Latitude

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Experimental Theatre ensemble, Tangled Feet, risk living up to their name in their new play, Inflation, as their new physical theatre piece is performed entirely on a bouncy castle. It promises not merely to explain the intricacies of currency trading but try to solve the recession too.

"Castles have a history of protecting privilege," says Tangled Feet's co-artistic director, Nathan Curry, explaining the visual metaphor that underpins the play, and bouncy castles are "based on air – once you let out the air, it collapses."

Inflation is one of four politically motivated pieces being toured by the company in the UK this summer. The others include an aerial look at urban regeneration in All That Is Solid Melts into Air performed on a scaffolding tower.

Tangled Feet see themselves as returning to the political roots of outdoor theatre. "One hundred years ago, outside theatre was used to poke fun at the ruling classes and subvert power," says Curry. "Theatre is now too commodified. Outdoor theatre is performed in public spaces, I love the democracy of it."

'Inflation', Latitude Festival, Suffolk 13 to 15 July (www.tangled feet.com)