Preview: Octoberfest, BAC, London

Question time for theatre
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Despite his job in theatre, Jubb claims to dislike the art form. He wants to throw open a debate on the state of theatre. There will be audience feedback at performances and new methods to express views launched for OctoberFest via text, audio or video recording direct to the BAC website.

So what are the main problems with theatre? "It is often like watching through a glass window, but theatre is best when it is two-way and engages the audience's imagination; otherwise people get bored," says Jubb. "Theatre has the potential to do something magical; to create a sense of connection where all experience the same magical moment. Bad theatre fails to recognise that potential."

OctoberFest includesBlink - one evening, 15 pieces of theatre, each no more than five minutes long - involving John Hegley, the poet, Richard Thomas, the co-creator of Jerry Springer - the Opera, David Bernstein, who will perform a series of heroic deaths around the building, and Becs Andrews, the designer. There are also pieces by Rotozaza - flooding one of the studios - Julian Fox and Punchdrunk.

Jubb calls one strand "great theatre", with seven performances including Ridiculusmus's Yes, Yes, Yes and Lost Ones by Vanishing Point. Other shows will take place outside the BAC, including Salon Adrienne by Adrian Howells, set in a local hairdressing salon.

29 September to 23 October (020-7223 2223;