Theatre's on the menu at the Coming Up Festival

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Six young directors were awarded £75,000 between them to stage a mini festival. The Coming Up Festival is part of Old Vic New Voices and Ideas Tap, a creative network and funding body for emerging arts talent. It opened this week at nightclub Debut London, with Jamie Lewis Hadley's BritWres-Fest, a mix of professional wrestlers, pyrotechnics and projections and Electric Tunnels, a showcase of young musicians and DJs.

Highlights will include Underground Cinema with up-and-coming film talent and movie classics; Old Roots New Routes, featuring hip hop artist Dizraeli and a 'silent disco' version of opera Dido and Aeneas.

There's Eat Your Heart Out, a three course banquet set to a baroque music score, where participants tuck in to a celebratory supper in the aftermath of a catastrophe. Then there's Spike Laurie's Civil Unrest, which comes complete with a security force herding people through a photography exhibition, a meal slopped into trays in a prison canteen and a play by Ben Ellis, based on three siblings caught up in the Millbank riots.

"I always wanted to do a pop-up restaurant alongside a play," says Laurie, who graduated from drama school last year. "I just didn't realise it'd be so integral."

Coming Up Festival runs until 4 March (