Ex-housemate makes Big Brother musical

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Former Big Brother contestant Stuart Hosking is developing a Big Brother musical - but he doesn't want the housemates in it.

Stuart, who appeared in show in series two, will be watching this year's series to seek inspiration for the Big Brother musical he is developing, but he won't be looking for any future stars from past or future housemates.

"I would never have them on stage as the performing element because, with not too much disrespect to them, they are not talented for that. We actually want people that can sing and dance and perform," he said.

But Stuart said there might be some guest spots for former housemates in the musical.

When he was in the hosue, love blossomed between fellow housemates Helen Adams and Paul Clarke.

But the business consultant had blunt advice for this year's contestants, saying: "If you're looking for love, don't find it on national TV."

Stuart continued: "I think there is this huge expectation that once they've done something like Big Brother, they almost think there's an expected media career that comes out of it, and actually you have to work for it."

The married father of three hasn't ruled out future reality television appearances, saying he'd like to appear on Dancing On Ice if the money was right.

"If someone will pay you 50,000 quid for learning how to skate, then great - put me down for it," he enthused.

Stuart is appearing on Desperately Seeking Fame which airs on Current TV on Friday May 29 at 10pm.