Iliad live: Homer's epic is being read in its entirety over 16 hours at the British Museum and Almeida Theatre

The 16-hour reading has excited theatre and Classics fans

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Homer’s epic poem The Iliad is being read aloud in its entirety in a one-off cultural event hosted by The British Museum and The Almeida.

The marathon reading, which can be streamed live on The Almeida website, features readings of the classic from actors including Mark Gatiss, Rory Kinnear, Sinéad Cusack, Simon Russell Beale and Ben Whishaw.

While listening to 16 hours of dactylic hexameter may not be for everyone, the performance has got many Classics and theatre fans excited, with #Iliad becoming a worldwide trend on Twitter.

Take a look at the reaction from culture vultures:

The The Iliad live reading will continue throughout the day at the British Museum's Great Court before moving to the Almedia in Islington at 8pm.