An Englishman, An Irishman And A Scotsman - Exposed!, Underbelly (Baby Belly), Edinburgh

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The show charts the success of the trio (all of whom McCulloch plays), who were brought together thanks to a freak accident involving a fly in the Scotsman's pint. From there, to borrow Hall's title, things snowball; the trio earn rock-god status for their jokes, there is the inevitable split and an experimental period dabbling with knock-knock and lightbulb jokes.

The best moments come when McCulloch changes personas, losing his sideburns (the Irishman) or his moustache (the Scotsman). Typically, it's the Englishman who comes off worst, even though he has no facial hair to lose. It's forgivable that he seems to be a misanthrope, but it does grate that his creator doesn't have the accent to pull him off.

But, taken as a whole, An Englishman... is a warming pint of mild - a welcome stop-off with a nice aftertaste.

To 28 August; no show on Monday (0870 745 3083)