Cab Happy, Pick-up outside Sweet Ego, Picardy Place, Edinburgh

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Adrian Green's Cab Happy venture, "putting the Cab in London cabaret since 2001", does, of course, cater for hen parties, but the heritage for it belongs in Edinburgh, echoing Arthur Smith's famous walks around the city and mixing a short tour with happenings - such as an impromptu pogo-stick competition - involving the audience. However, unlike Smith's tours, which weave historical parody from the city's sites, Cab Happy is more Dom Joly in its delivery.

The rain did put a bit of a dampener on proceedings, with the banter in the cab now and again subdued. It did feel as though this side of the "show" was a bit neglected and our amiable host seemed capable of a more engaged patter.

Reflecting on minicab journeys in London with "interesting" drivers who sing Lionel Richie songs at the top of their voices helped me to get the proceedings into perspective. Cab Happy? Quite amused in a taxi.

To 30 August, not 14, 21 or 28 (0870 241 0136)