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For many people over the age of 30, The Goodies are part of their comedy consciousness, yet, despite this, the trio's work has not had a proper television outing since their 12-year reign ended in 1982. An ardent fan-base in Australia was instrumental in resurrecting a neglected part of Britain's comedy heritage. Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor, in particular, have spoken of the fun they have had exercising their past work in a tour of Australia last year.

The premise of this show is that Bill Oddie has been mischeviously left behind in Australia, allowing the other two to look back at their careers via a series of questions. Yes, a 50-year old Scottish builder called Alex Mitchell did die laughing during The Goodies' "ecky-thump" sketch about a martial art involving black pudding. And yes, Mitchell's wife did write to the trio to thank them for making his last moments so pleasurable.

Some of the nicer moments are elicited in the aftermath of clips such as Brooke-Taylor musing on the involvement of actors such as Beryl Reid, June Whitfield and Joan Sims: "We had some good parts for women and later on I was to play them all."

Overall, the show is gentle, sometimes childlike. It may not rock your world but will remind you that The Goodies were one of the last successful exponents of slapstick and silliness.

To 27 August, except 21 (0131-226 2428)