In-finite Space #2, dance review

Vault Festival, London

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IJAD Dance’s In-finite Space takes place underground, but still manages to be driven by Twitter. It mixes audience tweets with ideas of space and science from the medieval Arabic world to the present day.

This blend of performance and technology has its hiccups, but there’s some exuberantly springy dance here, seen up close in the Vault Festival’s subterranean venue.

Given torches, the audience is told to explore the performance space, finding lurking dancers and scenery. One woman wears a fluffy cotton wool collar, like a cloud; another has stars and planets painted over her hands.

First shown at the Science Museum, In-finite Space changes in performance. The audience is asked to tweet about favourite spaces, though there’s a pen and paper option available. Choreographer and company director Joumana Mourad starts with prepared dances, but adds new material based on tweets received. Quotations and tweets are projected and read out, not always clearly.

If the show’s different layers are sometimes clumsy, the dancing stays bright. An observation on string theory prompts a curling, twining trio, the dancers leaning and looped around each other. A couple scuttle around like crabs, then leap up for an exuberant duet.

Until 8 March.