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You have to feel for an act performing on the day that they are nominated for the Perrier and half their audience are clutching a drink in one hand and a notepad in the other. Laura Solon shows no sign of being overwhelmed by the occasion though.

Furthermore, she's also a highly competent writer with a nice turn of phrase - for example: "She's not a medium, she's huge" says one her characters who visits an overweight spiritualist. Another character, a wedding planner, describes an unattractive client as "penis kryptonite", then Solon delivers my favourite line: "Elephant and Castle: one place name, two broken promises."

Kopfrapers Syndrome was produced by a TV company and is clearly a taster for what is to come from Solon on that medium, either on- or off-camera. As with Joanna Neary last year this is more a showcase than a show, but that isn't to say that Solon's characters are underdeveloped.

Her a crippled Australian divorcee who has reluctantly been possessed by the spirit of Princess Diana is one of Solon's most stretching personas and an opportunity for some brash humour. The aforementioned competitive wedding planner who follows is an equally energetic character, while I found her paranoid American motivational speaker less enjoyable. With some of the best lines in a Fringe show Solon has earnt her recognition by the Perrier panel.