My Romantic History, Traverse Theatre

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"I haven't met a girl yet I couldn't make chuck me," smirks Tom on discovering that his drunken one-night stand with a colleague, Amy, has grown into a full-blown relationship. "I'm like a romantic Gandhi. Passive resistance." So far, so familiar – boy meets girl, boy tries to get rid of girl. But the beauty of this play is that we get to hear both sides of the story. So while Tom has been trying to shake off Amy, Amy has been wondering how long she has to keep it going to get back at her patronising, samba-drumming colleague, Sasha. Meanwhile, both Tom and Amy are still hankering after their first, rose-tinted, tattoo-inducing brushes with love.

Like last year's Midsummer, this is a festival romp, deftly delivered by a cast of three on a set of cardboard boxes. It's a touch too long, but D C Jackson is clearly one to watch, with a brilliant eye for office and sexual politics and people never quite saying what they mean. On top of that, he's written some of the best one-liners you'll hear at this year's Fringe.

To 29 August in rep (0131 228 1404)