Natalie Haynes: Run Or Die, The Pleasance, Edinburgh

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The cult film Logan's Run is the arbitrary hook on which she has hung her self-conscious, aside-assisted material that encapsulates, well, everything. She roams from the Women's Institute ("They get naked like supermodels and make jam - what more can you ask?"), to the Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad overtaking Bill Gates as the richest man on Earth because of the strength of the dollar ("by accident rather than by design, then, which is ironic").

There are definite pearls of both wisdom and mirth in this show, but sometimes Haynes's momentum threatens to override them. However, she isn't going to stop for anybody, even the rather ignorant group who, on the night I saw her, were chattering at the start. I would have preferred to see the former classics teacher embrace her new profession and use them as a comic opportunity rather than chasten them like errant students. As it turned out, a detention would have been the only way they would have stayed to digest her show, deciding as they did to bunk off early.

To 29 August, not 17 (0131-556 6550)