Review: Edward II, National Theatre, London

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What is it? A stylistically inventive production from Joe Hill-Gibbins, of Christopher Marlowe's tragedy about a foolish king destroyed by love. Stars John Heffernan as Edward, Kyle Soller as Gaveston and Vanessa Kirby as Queen Isabella.

The Independent says: "Hill-Gibbins can't seem to decide quite what he wants his production to be – or indeed when. There are courtly gowns, animal-headed armour and leather jerkins alongside skinny jeans, bomber jackets and gold lamé … all very droll [but it's] hard to see how it serves the play: the arch tone of the first half deprives the second of pathos."

They say: Daily Mail: "... the only thing murdered in Joe Hill-Gibbins' puerile, inept production is the play itself … Gimmicksville." The Arts Desk: "... never less than compelling and challenging [Edward II] may have found its best match yet in the collapsible bric-à-brac pageantry of Joe Hill-Gibbins's vivid, in-your-face production."

You say: @JustinAudibert: "Absolutely loved #EdwardII … inventive, moving, funny, well directed & above all else YOUNG!" @architectjj: "enjoying Edward II – basically a gay King who loses his head over a chap called Gaviscon #heartburn"

Details: to 26 Oct; national