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Doc prescribes dose of laughs
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Simon Brodkin has a refreshing approach to his multi-character comedy show - he has just four alter egos. Where other acts might pack twice that number into some kind of showcase, he allows his creations to interact with the audience as if he were a freewheeling stand-up and his costume changes are part of his act.

Brodkin was a doctor before comedy beckoned and it was doctor-turned-comic Harry Hill who helped bring his talent to light. Based on the evidence, Brodkin is just what the doctor ordered in both senses.

Between characters he muses on the nature of comedy. "If an audience laughs more, a comedian will be funnier," he contends. "If you don't think the comedian is funny you have to reflect on your own performance."

Not that Brodkin needs to beg laughter for his first character, Chris Young, a dry holiday rep whose instructions are a stream of one-liners such as his informing that the company operates a family holiday: "which means that you will see both adults and children horrendously drunk."

The remaining three creations are all well drawn, but it's Dr Omprakash who shines the most. To one patient who insists that they have previously met on the ward he corrects: "If you think you have seen me before dear, you are probably a racist."

To 28 August (0131-556 6550)