Tom, Dick and Harry, Duke of York's, London

All the McGanns in a farce? Don't make me laugh
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All right, Cooney knows technically how to make the chaos escalate, with five doors and a window thrown into the equation, and the mayhem towards the end becomes almost winningly surreal. But the humour is just in bad taste, rather than startlingly bold, when Stephen McGann clowns around, miming out the atrocities which the two Kosovan asylum seekers have suffered. Mark McGann's monotonously high-pitched performance is excruciating and Cooney Snr.'s directing is shockingly careless - with tinny sound effects, no sign of locked doors actually being rattled etc. Obviously this show was calculated to appeal to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but frankly three would be an unmerited crowd of bums on seats. I say keep it in the family and spare the public.

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