White Cabin

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The actors in this beguiling display of visual imagination by Russia's Akhe Group are like puppets. Their role is not to emote, but to people the landscape like the bottles, candles and sundry objects they use to create their endlessly changing stage picture.

The three of them - two clownish men with bushy beards, white faces and baggy clothes, plus one chic and agile woman - are like brushstrokes in some artist's painterly vision.

There is theatrical magic here: sometimes literally, when objects float across the stage; at other times more subtly, as in the seamless way the stage is in constant flux.

One actor appears in a costume of newspapers secured by a rope, which he unravels across the stage. By the time he is naked, he has redefined the set with the horizontal lines of his rope, trapping the other performers in a new stage picture. And so it goes in this sophisticatedly executed show, with projections of old movies, artworks and abstract images adding detail to a set that has an appealingly home-made quality - all to a typically eastern European soundtrack, half pumping electro beats, half oompah band.

It's a fantastic show - at turns surreal, nightmarish, comic and unnerving. And it's so absorbing that you hardly have time to wonder what it all means.

Venue 8, 9.30pm (1hr 10mins) to 23 August; 6pm, 13-19 Aug; 1pm, 21-23 Aug (0131-558 3853)