THEATRE / She Ventures and He Wins - Man in the Moon, London SW3

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This, Ariadne's only play, is light and amusing, though the plot is too contrived and familiar to be of any dramatic consequence.

Charlotte (played with coquettish spirit by Marisa Jones) is an heiress who wants to marry a man who loves her for her mind, not her money. She dresses up as a boy, falls in love with Lovewell (Jonathan Dawes) and, her true sex revealed, marries him. She then decides to test his love and the play proceeds in a confusion of masks and mistaken identities. Meanwhile, the upwardly-mobile Squire Wouldbe (Steve Knowles) is lusting after the innkeeper's wife, Urania (Kat Davison), who cooks up a suitable punishment for the would-be cuckolder.

A spirited evening, which ends when the lovers have found their mates, the squire is back in his fold, and all is well in the world.

Continues in rep (071-351 2876).