Token tourist Yusuke Tadaki in London

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Age: 22

Staying: six weeks, with friend in Angel

In Tokyo there are not so many parks. Here there are many, everywhere is green and grassy, so beautiful. It's a very clean town, cleaner than Tokyo.

Coming from Japan I like fish, but the restaurants in London are not so good for that. But I like your fish and chips. I like it, I like it.

My favourite tourist places have been Camden Market, the British Museum and National Gallery. Camden Market is so nice. I travel for six months around world and see many such markets, but Camden is best anywhere. Not so many markets in Japan.

London is very fashionable town. I buy all these clothes that I am wearing from here and I buy lots of reggae records too. Here records are much cheaper than Japan, and they are originals.

The worst thing about London I think is the tipping system. We have no such system in Japan. It is difficult for me. I feel OK to do it, but I never know how much to pay and sometimes I get confused.

Best meal: fish and chips, Islington

Longest queue: Cats

Souvenirs: Bob Marley records, sun glasses, Adidas top

Most London 'thing': the parks

Interview by Ben Sharratt