Travel quiz: Kiss your way around the world - and you could win a prize

Romance is the theme for the travel section's annual Christmas quiz. Whether you search the world looking for Mr or Ms Right, or have already found the ideal travelling companion, this is the only quiz with awards for ardour and romance
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There are 20 questions, and a tie-break that asks the crucial question: where would you most like to be kissed? The six winners can look forward to a copy of Lonely Planet's Brief Encounters: Stories of Love, Sex and Travel.

Send your answers on a plain (or, if you prefer, scented) piece of paper to: Kiss Chase, Travel Desk, The Independent, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5DL. The closing date is Friday 8 January (but in fact if your entry doesn't arrive until first post on Monday 11 January it'll be fine).

1. Men are from Mars, women are from Venus - but which of these locations is furthest from Eros in Piccadilly Circus?

(a) Eros, Louisiana

(b) Mars, Pennsylvania

(c) Venus Beach, South Australia

2. In which US location would the ageing popster Gary Puckett most appropriately find true love with a Young Girl?

(a) Union City, Tennessee

(b) Union Grove, Illinois

(c) Union Gap, Washington

3. "Chanson d'Amour" was recorded by which band?

(a) New York Dolls

(b) Manhattan Transfer

(c) Pasadena Roof Orchestra

4. Which of these is closest to Bethlehem?

(a) Virginia Water, Surrey

(b) West Virginia, US

(c) Virgin Islands, Caribbean

5. The latest hit from heart-throb Alanis Morissette, "Thank U", includes the line "thank you India". But where is Ms Morissette from?

(a) Mumbai

(b) Milton Keynes

(c) Montreal

6. River deep, mountain high: one of these geographical features is a hill, while the other two are rivers. Name the summit:

(a) You, China

(b) Pasion, Guatemala

(c) Yes, England

7. In which South American country would a guy find Success, Paradise, Friendship and Ogle?

(a) Paraguay

(b) Guyana

(c) Uruguay

8. Which no-frills airline is commemorated in the original of Fairport Convention's 1969 hit, "Si Tu Dois Partir", and in the Moody Blues' first hit?

(a) AB Airlines

(b) Ryanair

(c) Go

9. And which is alluded to in one of Lionel Richie's drearier ballads?

(a) Debonair

(b) Virgin Express

(c) easyJet

10. Wedding is in Germany and Blessing is in Texas. So where is Font?

(a) Britain

(b) Jordan

(c) Israel

11. Which location is at the heart of the Amish community?

(a) Darling Down, Australia

(b) Intercourse, Pennsylvania

(c) Climax, Canada

13. Which French town: "If paradise was half as..."

(a) Nancy

(b) Condom

(c) Nice

14. Which road is named in the song that provided the title for the Fairground Attraction album "First of a million kisses"?

(a) Lovers' Lane

(b) The M25

(c) Westway [the A40 (M)]

15. Which of these is not a peak in Victoria, Australia?

(a) Mt Beauty

(b) Mt Difficult

(c) Mt Adorable

16. And, in the same part of the world, which of these is genuine?

(a) Petting Pond

(b) Lake Charm

(c) Smooch River

17. Which one of these is made up?

(a) Loving, New Mexico

(b) Pretty Prairie, Kansas

(c) Raunchy, Nebraska

Three places: (a) Hope, Derbyshire; (b) Desire, Louisiana; (c) Happy, Texas.

Two questions:

18. Which was the stamping ground of Tennessee Williams?

19. and Alfred Lord Byron?

20. SUE, from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, is rather LAX in her morals. She has a LAD in almost every airport: BUD in Hungary and JED in Saudi Arabia, DEL in India and DEN in Colorado, not to mention IAN, BOB and SYD. But if she wanted to journey from such SIN to find yet another MAN, which airline should she use?

Tie-break: complete the following in 12 words or fewer: The place where I would most like to be kissed is...

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