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NEARLY TWO decades after it was made, the Scottish comedy Gregory's Girl (8pm FilmFour, right), retains its charm. John Gordon Sinclair turns in an appealing performance as the teenager smitten with his team's goal-scoring female striker (Dee Hepburn). Underlining the film's continuing popularity, director Bill Forsyth has recently made a sequel to it.

The second half of a Forsyth double bill is completed by Local Hero (10pm). In this touching comedy drama, Peter Riegert plays a Texas oil executive who finds himself seduced by the Scottish village he has been sent to buy. Forsyth says he wanted to make a film about the oil business, but "I didn't relish the idea of two months clambering around hard, cold metal girders heaving in the sea, so I diverted it from the hardware. It seemed the human things were more interesting."