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SITCOM Nathan Barley (10pm C4)

The hotly anticipated new project from Chris Morris may surprise fans of Morris's dark genius: it's a fairly conventional sitcom - more conventional, say, than Black Books. A resident of the London borough of "Hosegate" (for which read Hoxton), Barley (above) is a "self-facilitating media node", slave to cool and an all-round berk. Our anti-hero has designs on earnest documentary-maker Claire, whose brother writes for a style magazine, and while the targets for Morris and Charlie Brooker's satirical swipes may be as narrow as a Soho fashionista's spectacles, they are juicy. And even if it amounts to little more than an Ab Fab for the Noughties, Nathan Barley will have you drinking in its richly droll attention to detail.

HISTORY In Search of Myths and Heroes (9pm BBC2)

Michael Wood's exploration of great myths continues with the utopian kingdom of Shangri-la. In the 1937 Frank Capra fantasy Lost Horizon, Shangri- la was found in the Himalayas, and indeed 16th-century Indian legend locates a "Shambhala" in present-day Tibet. And in tonight's film, that is where Wood (below) is headed.

FILM The Rocky Horror Picture Show (11.35pm ITV1)

This cheerful, big-screen version of the stage musical is one of the few truly cult movies, in that aficionados used to invade late-night screenings in fancy dress. Try it at home, as Tim Curry's camp Transylvanian (above centre) plays host to honeymooners Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick.