Apprentice 2013: The candidates that couldn't resist caricature...


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Decision time is fast approaching for Sir Alan Sugar who decides which eager business person will become his new partner in The Apprentice final airing tonight.

This ninth series has produced a variety of memorable and laughable characters who, in fighting tooth and claw for Lord Sugar’s investment, have become easy targets for caricature artist Emma Ahlqvist.

This collection of comic sketches features six of this series' most infamous contestants as well as an outlandish comment which best reflects their…unique business styles.

The images, commissioned by BT Business, depict lovable toff Jason, who may have been an “awfully nice fellow” but it didn’t stop him or Jordan, who suffered that well-known business misfortune of having to solve a Rubik’s cube in 3 minutes, from falling by the wayside.

While Alex Mills may also no longer be in line for Sir Alan’s £250,000 he can always return with his vampire-esque eyebrows to a previous, and perhaps more appropriate job, of selling gravestones.

This has left two females in the final. But while Leah Totton has worked hard in most tasks and certainly isn't scared to stand up for herself in the boardroom, who wouldn't want to work next to a self-confessed Duracell Bunny each day?

The Apprentice: The Final, BBC One, Wednesday 17 July, 9pm