Jeremy Paxman's best Newsnight interviews

As Paxman gets ready to present his final Newsnight, we look back on his most memorable interviews

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After grilling the powerful and famous for 25 years, Jeremy Paxman will host his final Newsnight on BBC Two tonight.

Paxman has become best-known for his dogged interview style, mercilessly holding politicians to account until they crumble under the limelight.

His last show will see him ride on a tandem with Boris Johnson, who once turned the tables on the presenter to ask: “Why don’t you get yourself a proper job instead of just sitting around telling politicians what to do all the time?”

Johnson is one of the many politicians who have been publicly embarrassed by Paxman’s persistent line of questioning, including one interview in which the Mayor of London evaded 12 questions about a new fleet of London buses in 2011.

Michael Howard became the victim of what has become one of the programme’s most famous interviews, when Paxman relentlessly questioned the then-Home Secretary over his treatment of the governor of Parkhurst prison in 1997.

Watch Paxman's most gruelling interviews below:

Michael Howard refuses to answer question 12 times, 1997

Tony Blair on his 'religious conviction', 2003

Boris Johnson evades question on new London buses, 2011

Russell Brand reveals he 'doesn't vote', 2013

Conrad Black calls Paxman 'a priggish, gullible fool', 2012

Chloe Smith's car crash interview on fuel duty u-turn, 2012

William Hague unaware of Lord Ashcroft's tax affairs, 2009