The Word On...Prescott: The Class System and Me, BBC2

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"From the off, this show was confused as to whether it wanted to be a serious look into what defines class or whether class is relevant in the Noughties, or whether it wanted to be a humorous look at John Prescott and his wife."-

"This was the show: Prescott meets a Lord. Prescott goes to the Hay festival. Prescott meets some teenage girls from Lewisham. Which would he get on with best? Have a guess. And what did he learn? Clearly very little." - Michael Cox,

"The big revelation was what a charming, witty and politically astute woman his wife Pauline is. Class system? Pauline was sheer class. I suppose we should have realised earlier. But Prescott has kept her under wraps for 40 years. Until now." - Jon Craig,

"Frankly, it is embarrassing, if not amusing. Prezza has decided to host a programme that is more about his own outdated prejudice than it is about anything interesting. There is very little of interest or that will teach us anything we all do not know already." - Kevin Davis,