Icelandic eruptions - viewing for amateurs

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For those not brave enough to witness Iceland's volcanoes erupt first-hand, the internet offers a wealth of resources to experience the eruptions from your computer. Twitter users can even search the site using the "ashtag."

Pictures and Video

Vodafone live webcam:

Mila live Webcam

Amateur footage of ash plumes from the volcano:

Picasa Album (of first Volcanic eruption, Fimmvörðuháls, in March):

Flickr, Editors' Picks (of first Volcanic eruption, Fimmvörðuháls, in March):

Satellite Imagery

EUMETSAT Ash imagery:

UK Met Office:


Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre:

Live flight radar:

Text Updates

Live travel blog from Tnooz:

National Air Traffic Services

Twitter "ashtag":

The Guardian Travel Blog (includes opinion from volcanologists)

The Volcanism Blog:

Photovoyage Diary (in French)