Madonna’s 'Vogue' video remade by 'Glee'

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After the end of the April 13 episode of the US musical television series Glee, marking the anticipated midseason return of the new hit show, the cast re-enacted Madonna's legendary "Vogue" video with the wicked cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester in the starring role.

A clever way to promote next week's "The Power of Madonna" episode, devoted to the Material Girl's music, it's created a sensation. The three-minute segment was also sponsored by Chevy. The video can be seen in the US on Hulu (

The remake is a close reproduction of the original 1990 black and white music video, shot by film director David Fincher ( The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Alien 3), except that actress Jane Lynch inserts some personalized touches such as the line: "Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Sue Sylvester, dance on air."

Since Glee's debut in the fall on the US Fox Television channel, it has won a Golden Globe, a Peabody, and earns high ratings. After a four-month hiatus, it drew an audience of 13.6 million, up 46 percent over its previous viewership.

To compare to Madonna's original version, visit YouTube (

Glee's fansite was disabled due to being swarmed by responses.