A caller just brought up #piggate on The Wright Stuff

It didn't go down well

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Matthew Wright was not best pleased this morning, when a debate on his chat show about the possibility of Labour MPs defecting to the Lib Dems deviated onto undoubtedly the biggest talking point of  the day - whether or not the prime minister placed his genitals in the mouth of a dead pig.

"Labour membership support is quite high for Corbyn, the MPs themselves aren't happy, do you anticipate many leaving to join the Lib Dems?" Wright asked Dan from London.

"Well I think you've also got this issue of the prime minister putting his c*ck in a dead pig's mouth," Dan started, to a groan from a panellist.

"OK Dan, d' you know what mate," an angry Wright fired back. "One, it's an allegation, two, your choice of language in referring to that I think far goes beyond what is permitted at this time of the day and in that point really you've forfitted any right to speak on this show so buh-bye."

I doubt Dan was particularly surprised his comment caused him to be shut down on the show, which is often the victim of troll callers.

His comment pertained to allegations made by Lord Ashcroft in an upcoming biography on David Cameron called 'Call Me Dave'.

His startling claim about an Oxford society initiation, refuted by the PM, has delighted many Twitter users this morning, many of whom are comparing it to an uncannily similar event in Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series.