Alan Davies shares the 'ridiculous' reason QI is not broadcast in America

Stephen's Fry's quiz show is not aired state-side due to image clearance rules

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Alan Davies has revealed the strange reason QI is not shown in America, despite the quiz show’s bosses wanting to make an impact state-side.

The English comedian is a permanent panellist on the longstanding BBC Two programme, created by John Lloyd and hosted by Stephen Fry.

Lloyd has spoken before about his wishes for the series to be “world changing” but Davies insists his ambition will never be realised.

“As far as it being world changing, it would help if they could show it in America,” he said. “But they’re not allowed to show it in America because they can’t get clearance on all the images that are used in the background.”

In America, every single image must be cleared and someone paid, making broadcast agreements difficult.

“It’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve come across yet in my career,” Davies added.

The 48-year-old also mentioned that the images have proved a problem in UK due to financial constraints.

“I know budget cuts in recent years have made it harder to get the ones they want so they do now have to use ones mostly that are free,” he said. “But that’s always been the obstacle to it being shown in the States.”

Davies’ new programme, Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, begins on Dave tonight at 10pm. The series will feature a woman in every episode after the BBC banned all-male comedy panels.

"I think it's important," Davies said. "The idea that there aren't any funny women around is so outdated, if it wasn't ten years ago."