Alexander Armstrong: 'I bitterly resent posh-bashing'

Pointless host: 'Why should your background be held against you?'

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Comedian and game show host Alexander Armstrong has said he "bitterly resents" people having their background held against them, in particular "posh-bashing."

The Pointless host , and co-star of double act Armstrong and Miller, said in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph: "I do bitterly resent it when people of any kind are attacked because of something that is no fault of theirs - like who their parents are.

"Why should your background be held against you? It is so short-sighted.

"There are plenty of reasons for disliking people, but this tribal aversion to anyone with a posh voice is very boring."

An episode of the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are? found that the comedian can trace his ancestors back to William the Conqueror.

Mr Armstrong's comments come after Sherlock actor Benedict Cumberbatch told the Radio Times last year that he was considering leaving Britain because of "all the posh-bashing that goes on".