Archer renewed for season 6 and 7 by FX

At least 26 more episodes of spy comedy will be made

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Following the success of its 'Archer Vice' reinvention, FX cartoon Archer has been cleared for two more seasons that will see it through to at least 2016.

The cable channel ordered two more sets of 13 episodes of the spy comedy, which it said had been 'significant' in FX's growth.

"Archer is one of the best comedies on television and has played a significant role in the growth of the FX comedy brand," said Eric Schrier, president of original programming for FX Networks.

"We’re grateful to Adam Reed, Matt Thompson and their team at Floyd County, and also our incredible voice cast, and are looking forward to supporting their work for at least two more seasons."

Archer took a bold twist with season 5, which saw Sterling and the rest of ISIS shut down by the FBI and forced to scrape a living selling cocaine in Columbia.

"There is a big radical departure this season on Archer and that came about frankly because Adam [Reed] got bored," producer Matt Thompson previously told Uproxx of the new series.

"He is the sole writer of the show and he felt like he was spinning his wheels at some point, which is (Sterling) Archer looking for his father, trying to figure that out, and dealing with his mother. It has kind of almost evolved into spy mission of the week, which is fine. And it’s going well. People liked it. Our ratings have gone up every year. FX is really happy with us.

"And so you have a show that is successful and/or becoming more successful and we decided to change everything because we were bored and because we just want to make the show that makes us interested and happy in the end.

"When we presented FX with this idea we were like, “I hope you don’t hate us but we want to change everything.” And they were coolly like, “OK great. Sounds awesome.” And we’re like, “OK,” which kind of weirded us out because you know you don’t just like change a show in the middle of it."