Bad Spelling: Countdown's rudest ever moments


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It's the tame evergreen afternoon show that epitomises the calm, uncontroversial nature of the daytime TV schedule.

But despite its pedestrian reputation Channel Four's 'Countdown' has had more than its fair share of rude moments.

Yesterday saw the latest controversy as co-host Rachel Riley picked out a sequence of consonants and vowels that spelt the word 'minge'.

Both Riley and host Nick Hewer - ever the professionals - made no comment on the appearance of the word.

However, in an age of being able to rewind and pause live television, social networks were soon awash with screen grabs of the rude moment.

'Countdown' is no stranger to bad language.

In 1991 both candidates in one episode offered the word 'w**kers' and in 2010 a contestant spelt out 's***face'.

In that instance Channel Four bosses edited out the whole section of the show.

Click on the video above to see some of 'Countdown's' rudest ever moments.