Better Call Saul saw the surprise return of a beloved Breaking Bad character


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While everyone was engrossed by The Grammys last night, Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul quietly aired its first episode of season 1 on AMC.

Released on Netflix in the UK and around the world at 7am this morning, the episode 'Uno' saw Bob Odenkirk back as Saul Goodman (currently James McGill), with a more delicate performance that plays on the lawyer's sorrows as well as his humour. Unsurprisingly there was no Walt or Jesse, as had been discussed at length the last few months, but at the pilot's close we did see one familiar face - crazed drug dealer Tuco Salamanca.

He was seen opening a front door and beckoning Saul inside, surely bad news given Tuco's general homicidal mania in Breaking Bad.

You can read our spoiler-free review of Better Call Saul here. The first episode was a mixed bag, trapped somewhere between comedy and drama and despite having a couple of great moments never really hooking you into its plot.

The second episode goes live on Netflix tomorrow morning, and after that will be up every Tuesday morning at 7am, two days after the US broadcast.

A second season has already been commissioned.