Better Call Saul season 2: B-29 bomber spotted on set

Breaking Bad spin-off was also filming in a hanger 

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A pretty large scale scene is being filmed down in Albuquerque for Better Call Saul season 2, with a B-29 bomber plan being spied at its New Mexico base.

The Boeing plane’s presence is odd for two reasons: 1) it is incredibly old and was used during World War II and 2) a scene involving a bombing plane is not something you’d expected from a show about small court law.

The plane, named Fifi, is currently touring the Southwest of the US, and stopped in for filming on the AMC show on Wednesday, according to KOAT 7.

Airport employees apparently said that a hanger and nearby maintenance building were also being used for filming.

The second season of the Breaking Bad spin-off is expected sometime in 2016, airing through AMC in the US and Netflix in the UK.

The first season drew big ratings but wasn’t as captivating as BB - so s2 has a lot to prove.