Better Call Saul: Second teaser trailer sees nod to Breaking Bad's Walt and Jesse

Jimmy McGill is seen soliciting new clients

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AMC has released a new Better Call Saul teaser trailer, which sees Jimmy McGill cutting his teeth as a "criminal lawyer".

I wish I had better news for you and could tell you this was a two-minute trailer filled with new characters and plot lines, but there's barely any more footage from the show in it than the 9-second one we saw earlier this month.

Most of it is taken up with a brief discussion between co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould over the origins of James M. McGill and how he re-christened himself "for the homeboys".

One of the three brief clips we do see however gives a little nod to Breaking Bad, with Saul/Jimmy telling some prospective clients: "I don't go out looking for guilty people to represent, who needs that aggravation?" - a little ironic given how fully aware he would go on to be with regard to Walt and Jesse's felonies.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul staged a mini-Breaking Bad reunion of sorts earlier this week, shooting a promo for the Emmys together in which they play two redneck pawn shop owners.

Neither actor will return for Better Call Saul (at least for the time being), though Cranston has confirmed he will direct an episode.

The spin-off arrives on AMC and Netflix in February 2015.