Black Mirror season 3: Netflix UK and Channel 4 are fighting over who will broadcast

It's now a Netflix original, but Channel 4 still has the rights

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Black Mirror is one of the UK’s best-loved and best-received shows, but the new season doesn’t yet have a UK broadcast/stream in place.

“The series will premiere internationally in all Netflix territories outside the UK and Ireland,” Netflix said in a statement, with the commission being driven by its US office despite the show being produced in the UK.

This is all down to Channel 4 still apparently having ‘first look rights’ on the next series (it aired the first two seasons and the Christmas special), meaning it has the option to broadcast it first even though it is technically now a Netflix original.

A plan will now have to be made for the UK transmission, and while it’s possible that Channel 4 will get the season slightly ahead of the US, it’s unlikely, and frankly it would be absurd, if the show debuted in the rest of the world first.

Given the fact that many viewers will turn to illegal online streams and torrents if the new season isn’t simulcast, the odd situation will hopefully be thrashed out in the coming months.

We’ll keep you updated. There’s more on what the season will look like here.