Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan 'could absolutely see' a Jesse Pinkman spin-off series happening

'Why Saul and not another character like Jesse Pinkman and why not Gustavo Fring?'

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While Better Call Saul may be enough for some Breaking Bad fans, many more are pining for creator Vince Gilligan to revisit some of the other iconic characters from the show.

Luckily, Gilligan is very much OK with the likes of Jesse Pinkman and Gustavo Fring getting their own spin-off series, in the same way Bob Odenkirk’s Saul Goodman got his own.

"Why Saul and not another character like Jesse Pinkman and why not Gustavo Fring?” he told Radio Times. "I could absolutely see a series about all these characters.”

Before you get too excited, however, he also said he was wary about starting up another spin-off.

“I have a hard time picturing us actually doing that, not because the characters couldn’t carry their own shows, they absolutely could in my opinion. Just because at a certain point, I fear it would begin to smack of…we’re chewing our cud twice, we’re going to the well a bit too much.

“I guess the short answer is never say never but I don’t think we are spending a lot of time thinking about additional spin-offs because I think we want to get through this show, we want to make it as good as we can and we want to maintain its integrity from start to finish. We don’t want our reach to exceed our grasp.”

If they don’t get their own TV show, there’s always the chance many characters could reappear in Better Call Saul, as co-creator Peter Gould explained.

“Another aspect of this is that we still have in Better Call Saul, we have this universe of characters from Breaking Bad many of whom could conceivably make an appearance or be very important players in Better Call Saul. Who knows, maybe going forward you might see other characters play a role.”

Better Call Saul season 2 is streaming on Netflix.