Can you dig it? not if you're a 'Time Team' fan


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Well, I hope my old Anglo Saxon studies tutor is happy. I remember that in more than one of his lectures he reared up to his full height (considerable, given the worn leather bush hat he used to sport) to rant about the TV show Time Team.

He wasn't a fan of the team's cut'*'run archaeological style and he wasn't convinced that Tony and co. gave full credit to academics who'd worked on certain sites (namely his).

Now that the 20-year-old show has been cancelled by Channel 4, he's probably waving his brush in glee. I'm heartbroken, though. I love a bit of 'Team and its speedy approach to digging up ancient items as well as its GeoPhys machines that never seemed to find anything. Still, with two-decade's worth of programmes to rerun, I'll still get me fix... and no doubt my old prof will still be getting his artifacts in a twist.