Desi Rascals: Meet the cast of 'Asian TOWIE' - Sky Living's new reality TV show

They're young, ambitious and good looking - and their parents can't wait for them to get married

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Reality TV show Desi Rascals is being billed as the new TOWIE, but it’s unlikely you’ll hear much talk of vajazzles. 

Created by Bend it Like Beckham director Gurinder Chadha, the show follows the lives of British Asian families living across West London suburbs such as Southall, Harrow and Gerrards Cross.

From lawyer-turned-make-up artist Yasmin Karimi to property developer-cum-model Owais Khan, the group are ambitious and keen to make it in the modern world while staying true to their Asian family values.


And unlike TOWIE and Made in Chelsea, the series – which is unscripted- will also chart the ups and downs of older characters, including son-worshipping mothers and fathers desperate for their daughters to get married.

Chadha, who is best known for her films such as Bride & Prejudice, says she always wanted the reality TV series to have a multi-generational cast. 

“It is very important to me that the parents and grandparents are present as much as the kids. Having older generations in our show allows us to show how the pressures on that generation are as important as those of younger people,” she said.

She adds that a lot of the show’s tension comes from parents putting pressure on their children to uphold traditional values.

But will it really be a wholesome family get-together filmed for the nation to enjoy? Preview clips suggest it's going to be more about the dating and less about the familial pressures.

Desi Rascals begins at 8pm tonight on Sky Living.