Doctor Who Christmas special 2013: New pictures released of Matt Smith's finale

The Time of the Doctor will air on Christmas Day

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New pictures from the Doctor Who festive special have been released, showing some of current Time Lord Matt Smith’s final scenes.

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The BBC will air The Time of the Doctor on Christmas Day, with Smith starring alongside companion Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara.

Coleman recently spoke of her co-star’s “brutal” exit from the sci-fi drama.

“I knew it was going to be sad, but it was really traumatic,” she said. “It was very emotional and overwhelming.”

New Doctor Peter Capaldi, best known for playing the sweary communications chief in The Thick of It, will make his official debut as the 12th incarnation in the Christmas “regeneration” episode, written by Steven Moffat.

“Matt leaves, Peter arrives in his costume and the scene carries on,” Coleman added. “You just keep going – that’s the show.”

Past Doctor’s in the ever-changing cast include Tom Baker, Christopher Eccleston and the nation’s chosen favourite, David Tennant. 

Steven Moffat dropped some clues about 55-year old Capaldi’s first full appearance on the show, telling press at the Doctor Who 50th anniversary celebration that the actor “leaps around the place” in “post-regeneration madness”.

“He’s an extraordinarily vital and physical performer,” the writer said.

Capaldi made a brief cameo in commemorative episode The Day of the Doctor in November, a show which broke records after being simulcast in more than 1,500 cinemas across 94 countries.