Downton Abbey producers would like film version to be set in 'Fifties or Seventies'

A Downton movie has not been confirmed, but showrunners and cast members would be keen for a big screen adaptation

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Downton Abbey fans could see George Crawley jiving to Elvis or Lady Edith's daughter Marigold become a hippie in the film version of the hit TV series, if producers get their way.

Executive Producer Liz Trubridge said she would most like to see Downton Abbey set in the Seventies if it were to get a film incarnation.

Speaking to press ahead of the series six Downton Abbey premiere, Julian Fellowes agreed the Seventies would fit the fading aristocratic family well.

'Until the end of the Seventies it was very uphill trying to keep the show on the road in these places,' he said.

Downton Abbey producers 'very interested in movie spin-off

Producer Gareth Neame said he most would like to see the Grantham family fast forward 30 years to the mid Fifties when George Crawley would be running the family estate.


While a Downton Abbey film would be met with delight from fans of the hit TV series across the world, showrunners said a movie version has only been mooted at this stage.

But Neame said he thought the whole cast would agree to the project if it were green-lit, joking: 'I don't suppose we could do it without them.'

He added the challenge for the film version would be making it 'just like the Downton TV show and at the same time different.'

Downton producer Gareth Neame would like to see George Grantham running the estate in the Fifties in a film version of the show

Downton Abbey will end its six series run this Christmas after becoming one of the UK's most popular TV exports in recent years.

Shown in 250 countries, the period drama has been an unprecedented success, especially in the US where it has become the most watched PBS drama in the channel's history.

But Fellowes said it was right to bow out before audiences get too bored.

'If we go on too long the audience will feel they've had enough. I think the ending is satisfactory. I hope it is.'