Downton Abbey producers definitely discussing movie options: 'It’s certainly something there is talk of'

'We’ll know more next year'

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There have long been rumours that a Downton Abbey movie could be on the way, with executive producer Gareth Neame having previously expressed interest in making a feature length a reality.

In an interview with Deadline, Neame has confirmed that there have indeed been conversations about the possibility of a movie, but could not say it will definitely happen.

“We’ve had some conversations about it,” he said. “(Creator) Julian (Fellowes) and I are keen. 

“There is no script and no firm plan but it’s certainly something there is talk of; we’re not in denial about anything. We’ll know more next year.”

Neame is currently promoting season six of Downton Abbey, which has finished airing in the UK but just premiered in the US.

If Downton Abbey is to continue into the future, it will be without Dame Maggie Smith as she has ruled herself out of any future projects to do with the series.

“Maggie Smith’s decision not to be part of it caused a dilemma, so the plan is now to leap forwards in time far enough for her character to have passed away,” a source reportedly told The Mirror.

“Instead the script would focus on younger members of the Grantham family, like Lady Mary, played by Michelle Dockery.”

Neame previously told Radio Times: "I’m interested in the fact that George, Marigold and Sybbie could just about still be alive today if you think about it, which is a really good way to show how we’re connected to this era. It’s just about within living memory.

“I am interested to know what happens when George is running the estate, in the… whenever it is, 1950s, Sixties or something.”

So, a time-hopping Downton movie on the way sometime next year? It seems very, very likely, especially when you consider how almost 7 million people tuned into the season finale on Christmas Day, and another 25.5 million watched season five in the US.