EastEnders live: US vlogger thinks soap is a reality show but finds the acting 'forced'

BradTheLadLong claimed to believe that Lucy Beale was actually murdered

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An American YouTube vlogger has published a video exposing EastEnders as “fake and scripted” after apparently believing the soap’s live week episodes were a reality show.

BradTheLadLong said he was “shocked” by the murder of Lucy Beale, questioning why producers had not called the police to have the culprit arrested.

He added: “Basically it’s kind of like a reality TV thing…sometimes it seems quite forced and the actors and actresses are putting stuff on to get extra TV time so you’re a bit like: Hm, is that actually happening?”

Viewers have questioned whether “Brad” really believed EastEnders was a reality show or whether he was trying to get more views on his channel by “trolling” fans.

His other videos have covered subjects as diverse as Justin Bieber, coming out as asexual and a “dead friend coming back as a fly”.

“I don’t understand why the police wasn’t called about it,” Brad said in his EastEnders vlog. “It kind of seems fake the fact that the police wasn’t called about it and it was on TV…why didn’t the producers or actors call the police? Surely there’s something illegal about that.”

Brad claimed not to understand why the “killing” had not been on the news before claiming to have found a “slip-up” showing it had never happened.

“I did see one slip-up either by the producers or the actors which makes me think it could be a little bit fake,” he said.

“This girl was meant to have been killed like a year ago.

“It doesn't make much sense if you think about it and you’re clever like me and you watch back the series…I’ve really done my research and really dug deep.”

Eastenders' Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater), Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), Bobby Beale (Rory Stroud) and Peter Beale (Ben Hardy)

After speculating that Lucy had “pretended” to die last year for more airtime, he ended the video by calling on someone to put a stop to EastEnders’ “extremely illegal” crimes.

The character was found dead on the fictional Walford Common in April 2014 and the plot culminated during the live week marking the show’s 30th anniversary.