Emmys 2015 voter wrote ‘WTF?’ next to Homeland on ballot paper

'It's unwatchable'

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If you were surprised to see the bizarre and convoluted Homeland up for ‘Outstanding Drama Series’ at this year’s Emmy Awards, you weren’t alone.

A producer, who himself has won an Emmy, told The Hollywood Reporter: “I wrote "WTF?" next to Homeland's nomination; its first two seasons were as good as anything on television, but as soon as they [spoiler alert] hanged [Damian Lewis during season three], it stopped being watchable.”

The voter said he would have dumped Homeland, House of Cards (really?) and Downton Abbey from the category, and instead put in Bloodline, The Good Wife and Daredevil.

Putting his negativity aside, here are the producer’s thoughts on who should win the main prizes on Sunday night:


Mad Men will probably win for its last season, which was very good - I liked that they didn't wrap everything up in a bow but also didn't just cut to black like The Sopranos. But Game of Thrones is the most important show on television. The scale of it and the amount of talk it generates is unparalleled; nobody wants to get to Monday without having seen what happened on Sunday, and that takes me back to the way TV was when I was growing up.


The bottom line is, there's Louie and then there's everything else. I don't understand how it hasn't already won. It's so groundbreaking and original; we'll look back on it as one of the great comedy series of all time.


In my opinion, the best show, week to week, was John Oliver's. Granted, he has a whole week to prep his show, while the others have to do four or five a week - but I imagine all those other guys also work with much bigger writ­ing staffs, which sort of evens the playing field.