Friends: Someone worked out how much Monica's apartment would cost

Luckily, Monica inherited her flat

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As we all know, it’s not cheap to live in a major city. Take London for example; the average price of a flat is well over £600,000. 

In New York, it’s even worse, the average apartment in Manhattan costing upwards of $2 million (£1.55 million).

It should come as no surprise that fans have questioned how the characters in Friends could afford their luxurious apartments. (Well, Monica inherited her flat, but Joey and Chandler somehow rented theirs.)

According to Which? Mortgage Advisers, Monica’s two-bedroom apartment, with views of the NY skyline, would cost around $4 million (£3 million) if bought today. The deposit alone for the Greenwich Village flat would be $400,000 (£311,684).

Additionally, Monica’s apartment may actually be worth a whole lot more when you consider the multi-dimensional window fans spotted earlier this year

Meanwhile, Monica actor Courtney Cox and Phoebe actor Lisa Kudrow recently appeared on US game show Celebrity Name Game together, answering questions about the sitcom.