From Phil Spencer: Secret Agent to Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe: What to watch on TV tonight

Brooker casts his eye back over 2014, including the ice-bucket challenge

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Phil Spencer: Secret Agent
8pm, Channel 4

Does Phil work without Kirstie? Here’s the return of his solo gig, where he helps people with their hard-to-sell homes.

RI Lectures: Sparks Will Fly – How to Hack Your Home 
8pm, BBC4

Only the sixth woman to deliver the prestigious Royal Institution Christmas Lectures in their 189-year history (but the third since 2009), Danielle George, a professor of radio frequency engineering at Manchester University, will be explaining “how to hack your home”. George hopes to inspire creative thinking around everyday gadgets, and in this opening lecture she shows how paintball guns can be controlled with a webcam and smartphones transformed into a microscope.

Mapp And Lucia
9pm, BBC1

In the second visit to Tilling, EF Benson’s Thirties hotbed of social one-upmanship, Mapp (Miranda Richardson, all teeth and generally superb) sees her chance to avenge the humiliation of Lucia’s garden fete, when she organises the summer art exhibition.

David Blaine: Real Or Magic
9pm, Channel 4

A repeat of last New Year’s Eve special in which Blaine went back to his street-magic roots, pulling card and money tricks on the public, while visiting celebrities’ homes in order to extract a baby alligator out of Katy Perry’s handbag, swallow fish chez Woody Allen and stick a needle through his arm for an unimpressed Ricky Gervais. But is it magic? Gervais thinks not.

Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe
10pm, BBC2

The satirist casts his eye back over 2014, including the ice-bucket challenge, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” and (oh dear) the poppy installation at the Tower of London.