Game of Thrones hated by Republicans, loved by Democrats

Donald Trump supporters much prefer Supernatural

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Turns out Game of Thrones, *that* show about tits and dragons, is really not very popular with Donald Trump supporters, despite the similarities between the current narcissistic Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and the Presidential candidate.

A study by E-Score, a company that tracks awareness of TV series, found the HBO fantasy show is Democrats’ favourite show, yet it failed to make it into Republican supporters’ top 10.

Instead, Republicans prefer Supernatural, their number one show, which follows two brothers as they hunt demons, ghosts and the supernatural (hence the name).

In a close second comes The Walking Dead, which also features in the Democrat list at number six (Supernatural features at three for Democrats).

Only one other show features on both lists; The Big Bang Theory (four for Democrats, six for Republicans). Episodes of the ninth season were watched on average by 20 million viewers. 

Coming it at number two for Democrats is The Have and Have Nots, while Suits comes in at number five, How to Get Away with Murder at seven, Doctor Who at eight, Empire at nine, rounded off by Nashville at ten.

Meanwhile, number three for Republicans is Scorpion, closely followed by Arrow, The Flash, NCIS, Blue Bloods, Grimm, and - finally - Last Man Standing. Why Republicans seem to favour superhero and cop shows, who can say.

The results were culminated by analysing “750 prime time broadcast, cable and streaming programs among Americans of voting age whose political affiliation is either Republican or Democrat.”

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones season six has finished, attention turning to season seven, HBO having recently revealed when the show will premiere next year.