Game of Thrones' Peter Dinklage set to play dwarf detective in new HBO series

HBO thinks Dinklage is 'perfect' for the show, says writer

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Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage is reportedly in talks for a new HBO show about a dwarf detective called The Beasts of Valhalla.

Based on a series of novels by George C. Chesbro, the show will be produced by Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films, with a pilot being worked up Farscape writer Justin Monjo.

Monjo said he could not think of the right actor for the role until he saw Dinklage in Game of Thrones, and will fly to New York from his native Sydney to discuss the project with him next month.

"It’s a grounded sci-fi series," he told "HBO and Red Hour think he’s the perfect guy for the part and are very excited about the project.”

If talks go to plan, the intention would be to shoot the series in 2016 after Dinklage finishes filming on Game of Thrones.

The low fantasy series returns for its fourth season in April, with his character Tyrion Lannister featuring heavily in the trailers that have been released from it so far.

Monjo is also believed to be working on a movie spin-off of Farscape for Jim Henson productions, which would continue the TV series' story after astronaut John Crichton and peacekeeper Aeryn Sun got married and had a child.