Game of Thrones season 6: Emilia Clarke on Daenerys Targaryen's future

'She finally has an opportunity to put everything she’s ever learned into play'

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The first episode of season six of Game of Thrones has finally hit the airwaves, and attention is firmly on the titular character of the episode, "The Red Woman". (No spoilers for premiere ahead.)

However, for those intrigued by Daenerys Targaryen’s ongoing story, the actress has given an update on what is to come for the Mother of Dragons.

“It’s a really fascinating season for everyone but especially for Daenerys,” actor Emilia Clarke told The Mirror.

"She’s on quite a journey and I feel like every season I talk about how much she’s learned but with this season it’s not so much that she learned anything new but that she finally has an opportunity to put everything she’s ever learned into play.

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“When we last saw her she was completely on her own and now she’s been landed in this area that’s alien to her and she’s forced to use all of the resources she has found within herself and it’s pretty impressive.

"She lands on her feet, does very well and it’s safe to say that her eyes are on the prize. This is like a big one for her.”

A few things to take away; Daenerys will be using everything she’s learned. As she is currently with the Dothraki, she will likely be using all she remembers from her days with Drogo as Khaleesi. 

There’s also the question of what her prize is. To take the iron throne? Tame her dragons? Take back Mereen? 

Clarke went on to talk about the show’s slogan ‘The Dead Are Coming’, saying: “It’s that threat that is forcing every major character to make ultimately life-changing decisions and everyone is forced to step up their game.

“It’s that ripple effect that has created the biggest thing that television has ever seen. Ever. This season is ridiculous. I’m surprised people’s TVs don’t explode, it’s so intense!”

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